The school is located right in the centre of the town but totally away from all its commotion. Amidst neem and mayflower trees, right next to a small hillock, nature is abound here. The campus has been designed in such a way that there is enough sunlight and breeze all through the day. Sufficient break out spaces ensure that children feel at home all through the day.

The school boasts of  Kindergarten space

Well designed Classrooms

Math lab

Science labs

Cooking lab

Computer and language lab

Art room

Dance studio

Music Studio

Lunch Hall

A well equipped kitchen


Football ground

Basketball court

Indoor Badminton Court

2 tennis clay courts

2 Sandpits

A farming space

Our close knit team of akkas make it possible for us to maintain high standards of hygiene and neatness.


A fleet of  vans and buses are being operated to all areas in and around Namakkal to ensure a smooth travel. The convenient location of the school makes for shorter travel time and the routes are planned in such a way that the distances are as short as possible. All drivers and akkas are sensitised on the safety of children and utmost care is being taken to make the journey hassle free.


Mealtimes provide an opportunity for fellowship and learning, and practising good table etiquette.Wholesome, freshly cooked dishes based on a varied menu is what is on offer for lunch. Ingredients and sourced from the best of suppliers and traditional foods like ragi, kambu, solam etc are included in the menu along with the staples of rice, lentils, rasam, chappathi and curd. Vegetables are sourced fresh on daily basis and salads are also provided on regular basis. Evening snacks include soups, sundals, chikkis etc. The lunch menu is changed twice in a year to incorporate the likes of our children. The kitchen is well equipped and staffed adequately and the staff are trained on the best practices in cooking and hygiene on regular basis.

Health Care

The health of our children is top priority at school. The school has well equipped sick room manned by a qualified nurse and doctors on call. First aid is administered at school in case of fall during school time and parents are intimated immediately. As the school is strategically located very close to various hospitals in Namakkal, in case of emergency, children can be taken to the hospitals for better care and treatment without much hassle.Regular paediatric visits and eye checkups are being organised to spot unnoticed developmental lags.