Sports and Arts

Fit India School Week 2020

Spectrum Life School, being a Fit India School, is proud to host a series of special sports and fitness events as a part of the Fit India School Week Celebrations between 20 to 22 December 2020.


The events include cyclathon for kids and adults, free Zumba fitness session and Yoga for women, fitness games for children….


Please click the link to register

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Sports and Games

Our team of physical education instructors and professional sports coaches ensure children get specialised sports instruction and develop a passion for sports at a very young age. Life skills of teamwork, facing defeat and success in a balanced way, working towards a goal, putting one’s heart and soul into a task, discipline and dedication are all brought in children through sport. Have sports is focused in a big way at Spectrum Life School.

The sports and games on offer include:









Creative Arts

Art, dance, theatre and music nourishes the soul of a child. At Spectrum Life School, art thrives in its visual and performing forms, encompassing a diverse range of activities and modes of expression.In addition to helping students nurture a passion for specific arts and crafts, we inculcate aesthetic appreciation and creativity within them resulting in a refinement of the senses and a desire to conserve one’s heritage and environment. Students learn different art and crafts like knitting, crochet, painting, doll making, paper work, traditional art forms etc.

Our Performing Arts programme is equally vibrant. We believe that theatre is a powerful educational tool that helps children develop skills such as creativity, problem solving, communication and critical thinking. These skills are essential for success at every level: in the classroom, at the workplace, in life.

Dance is also a joyous expression of the children’s creative side. All forms of dance are explored and understood – from folk to Bharatnatyam to western styles.

Music takes the form of choral singing across all classes. Various instruments such as recorders, violins, keyboards are introduced to students at different age levels.